Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Featured Artist: Mary Henderson

Mary Henderson pictured with her artwork at NAMTA, 2012.
Mary Henderson is a talented and prolific watercolor artist who lives and works in Saint Petersburg, Florida. She studied fine art at the Saginaw Institute of Art for three years, where she enjoyed working directly with artists who explored different mediums such as metal sculpture, oil and charcoal.  Proficient in multiple media, Mary's favorite medium to work with is watercolor.  She has been inspired by artists such as Claude Monet and Georgia O'Keeffe, whose influences can be seen in her work.  Her light and airy paintings pay homage to Monet, while her close up and vibrant work is reminiscent of O'Keeffe.  Mary spent eight years participating in juried shows throughout the State of Florida, where she received several awards.  Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries both in Florida and nationally.  Mary has been painting and teaching painting for the past 31 years.
Mary Loves to paint wildlife, often in unusual or close-up poses.  Her favorite subject matter to work with is endangered species, especially the mountain gorilla, African elephant and rhino, all of which she paints on cold press watercolor paper. 

As a teacher, Mary's goal is to assist her students in developing right-brain skills, because through artwork, every barrier is broken.  Minds seem to mesh, the socioeconomic and ethnic divisions disappear and people start entering an area of their being where they have not been before; the artist being.  She feels that students are then able to appreciate what they are doing and acknowledge each others creations while building confidence.  Mary believes that students of any age have the ability to be involved in art as long as they have the desire to learn art or have it become a part of their life.  Her greatest joy is "when one of her students stand back in awe of the artwork they have completed after believing that they never had the skill to create art in the first place."  Learn more about Mary Henderson and her artwork.

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