Monday, October 7, 2013

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Fig. 1  Self-portrait, by Vincent Van Gogh
I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Van Gogh Museum to view the exhibition, Van Gogh at Work, which chronicles the artist's growth over a ten year time period.  Van Gogh at Work leads museum visitors chronologically through Van Gogh’s development as an artist, from his first experimental drawings to his famous later paintings.  Most people are familiar with Van Gogh's bold use of color and painterly, emotional style (fig. 1). In this anniversary exhibition, more than 200 works of art, including  paintings, works on paper, letters, sketchbooks, paint tubes and his only surviving palette, provide us with a unique insight into his thoughts and work process. 

The museum, located in Amsterdam, opened in 1973.  It faces the Paulus Potterstraat and has its back to the Museumplein.  The Museumplein, or, Museum Quarter, is the cultural hub of the city and home of Amsterdam's three most significant museums: the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art and the Van Gogh Museum.   

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Rijksmuseum

Fig. 1  Rijksmuseum, exterior
The next stop on my summer tour of museums around the world is the Rijksmuseum (fig. 1) in Amsterdam, Netherlands.   My timing was perfect as the museum has recently completed a 10 year, $500 million renovation project; the result is absolutely breathtaking!  Highlighted by architectural elements such as an impressive glass-covered atrium (fig. 2) and monumental spaces, the facility itself is a magnificent work of art.
Fig. 2  Rijksmuseum, atrium

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Painting Contest!

Is there an easel or drawing table you'd love to have in your studio? Are there new mediums or a line of color you'd like to try out? Enter our summer Facebook contest for a chance to win $500 in products from Martin F. Weber Co. or Martin Universal Design Inc. as well as a one-year subscription to Interactive Artist Magazine. Your dream studio awaits you! See below for details.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Speaking of Color, July, 2013

Dancer, by Gayle Weisfield 
Greetings!  Our new issue of Speaking of Color has just been published!  In our July, 2013 issue, you will find creative ideas, artist profiles and innovative new products that will enhance your studio or classroom environment.  Whether you are an art professional, student or art enthusiast, we strive to keep you updated with the latest information on what's happening with our company and the industry.

click here to view our July issue of Speaking of Color.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Dali Museum

The Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida
Join me this summer as I embark on a tour of museums around the world.  My first stop is the Dali Museum, located in St. Petersburg, Florida.  The Dali Museum was formed by avid collectors A. Reynolds and Eleanor R. Morse.  It houses more than two thousand works of art by Dali.  Paintings from all periods of his career, as well as works on paper and objects, are included in the museum's permanent collection which spans more than four decades.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Peggy Harris: Wildlife Artist and Instructor

Peggy Harris is a gifted artist best known for her endearing, signature style of painting baby animals. She is an internationally acclaimed wildlife artist,
teacher, and television personality.  After receiving an art degree from the University of Kansas, Peggy embarked on her creative career, which now spans more than 20 years.  Peggy notes that, "it didn't just happen overnight. It was achieved one painting at a time, one day at a time."

Peggy's career as a wildlife artist catapulted when she, along with a few friends, were brainstorming about what types of art were readily available and what types of art were challenging to find.  The answer, she discovered, was "animals," especially "baby animals."  As Peggy explains, "that was the start of it all."  It was a perfect match because Peggy truly loves baby animals. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Featured Artist: Barbara Jeffery Clay

Barbara Clay loves teaching art and traveling around the United States to run her many workshops.  She is a signature member of: The American Watercolor Society (AWS), National Watercolor Society (NWS), Southwestern Watercolor Society (SWS), Texas Watercolor Society, Purple Sage (TWS), Taos National Society of Watercolorists (TNSW) and the Watercolor Art Society-Houston (WAS-H), where she is a signature elite member.  Lately, Barbara uses and teaches with Mission Gold Watercolors.  “I have found them to very intense and full bodied colors with more transparency.  I also think they are staying wet longer than the normal watercolors.”  
Summer Hollyhocks, by Barbara Jeffery Clay

Barbara's unmistakable artwork is exhibited in Mann Fine Art Galleries and has won prizes in several juried exhibitions.  Her art and instructional projects have been featured in several publications, including International Artist Magazine and Leanin’ Tree Cards. She is also soon to be featured in an upcoming edition of “Best of American Watercolor.”  To view more of Barbara's work or learn more about her workshops, visit her website at
Fiesta Rose, by Barbara Jeffery Clay

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Help Us Name Our New Line Of Paint!

Are you a creative person? We'd like your help naming our new line of fluid acrylic paint. Submit your innovative idea to us by midnight on Sunday, April 21st, for a chance to win a full 64 color set. See below for details.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Artist, Shin Jong Sik, Presents a Painting at Creativeworld

This year, Martin F. Weber Company, America's Master Color Maker, continued its tradition of meeting with its major customers from around the globe at the Creativeworld Trade Fair in Frankfurt, Germany (left). With almost 3,000 exhibitors and more than 80,000 visitors from all over the world, Creativeworld is the world's biggest trade fair for creative hobbyists' and artists’ needs.  Weber Distributors from all continents came to our stand to see all of our new Weber products.  As always, many of our distributors brought their sales and marketing teams.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Featured Artist: Teri Gammalo

Watercolor artist, Teri Gammalo, uniquely communicates her feelings about life's joys into her artwork.  In fact, people often express that her paintings are alive with color and compel them to explore the meaning of her paintings.  Teri's expresses her love for painting, stating, "I am happiest when I am creating and feel my paintings are a reflection of my love for life, children and nature." 

Teri's artistic statement is bold and dramatic.  Her award-winning work has been juried into many local and national exhibits, including National Watercolor Society, Watercolor West, Made in California and Irvine Fine Art Center.  She is a member of many local and national art societies, including the National Watercolor Society.

Although predominately self-taught, Teri has studied with many notable artists.  When describing her experiences with instructors, Teri commented, “Every mentor has taught me something important about art and has trained me in many techniques.  The most valuable lesson I have learned is to believe in myself.”  Years of classes and workshops have given her a valuable body of knowledge. Teri has experience in all mediums and subjects