Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Featured Artist: Teri Gammalo

Watercolor artist, Teri Gammalo, uniquely communicates her feelings about life's joys into her artwork.  In fact, people often express that her paintings are alive with color and compel them to explore the meaning of her paintings.  Teri's expresses her love for painting, stating, "I am happiest when I am creating and feel my paintings are a reflection of my love for life, children and nature." 

Teri's artistic statement is bold and dramatic.  Her award-winning work has been juried into many local and national exhibits, including National Watercolor Society, Watercolor West, Made in California and Irvine Fine Art Center.  She is a member of many local and national art societies, including the National Watercolor Society.

Although predominately self-taught, Teri has studied with many notable artists.  When describing her experiences with instructors, Teri commented, “Every mentor has taught me something important about art and has trained me in many techniques.  The most valuable lesson I have learned is to believe in myself.”  Years of classes and workshops have given her a valuable body of knowledge. Teri has experience in all mediums and subjects
Currently, Teri is teaching group and private classes. She now holds art classes and workshops in the Orange County,  California area.  Teri welcomes all skill levels and mediums in her classes. Although most of her students work in watercolor, she encourages all mediums.  If you're looking for a talented, versatile art instructor, Teri can help you reach your art goals with drawing, pastels, oils, mixed media and watercolor.

Teri has been an invited demonstrating artist for the Orange County Fair for several years. She teaches a positive approach to art and continues her artistic journey because she feels the journey is the best part of painting, not the destination.

Teri is now sharing her love of Mission Gold Watercolors with her students. In a recent discussion about Mijello's premier line of watercolor paint, Mission Gold, Teri exclaimed, "Love it!  Very creamy, real moist and so brilliant! Rich pigment! Vivid colors!… I find that the colors are clean and intense, they layer wonderfully, they dry with more intensity than other brands. I love the way they mix on the paper and on the palette as well.  Lightfastness is important and I am pleased to see the high levels of all of your colors in the Mission Gold brand!!”  After having completed a painting with Mission Gold, Teri further added, “My pigments are still moist and creamy… It is wonderful to know that they do not dry out!!!" To view Teri Gammalo's artwork or learn more about her upcoming classes and workshops, visit her website at http://tsgammalo.fineartstudioonline.com/.

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