Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Peggy Harris: Wildlife Artist and Instructor

Peggy Harris is a gifted artist best known for her endearing, signature style of painting baby animals. She is an internationally acclaimed wildlife artist,
teacher, and television personality.  After receiving an art degree from the University of Kansas, Peggy embarked on her creative career, which now spans more than 20 years.  Peggy notes that, "it didn't just happen overnight. It was achieved one painting at a time, one day at a time."

Peggy's career as a wildlife artist catapulted when she, along with a few friends, were brainstorming about what types of art were readily available and what types of art were challenging to find.  The answer, she discovered, was "animals," especially "baby animals."  As Peggy explains, "that was the start of it all."  It was a perfect match because Peggy truly loves baby animals. 

Peggy's signature style of baby animal designs are known today as "Harris critters."  To date, her studio has produced more than 100,000 paintings, all of which have sold, usually before the paint was dry on the canvas.

A creative, innovative artist, Peggy developed her own, sometimes nontraditional techniques for painting fur and feathers.  By using a limited palette, gel mediums, brushes used experimentally and household items such as cotton balls, Peggy was able to achieve beautiful, soft renderings of furry animals in a reasonable amount of time.  This was the birth of the "Harris Method."

Peggy has created a DVD titled, Acrylic Mediums and Their Uses.  This DVD covers the range of the most popular acrylic mediums with both demonstrations and explanations.  Additionally, Peggy has created a series of three DVDs that teach how to paint animals in oil.  In these painting studies of animals, Peggy shares her signature techniques that can be applied to painting any animal you choose.  To learn more about Peggy Harris, visit her website at

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